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Hi all!

Can anyone recommend an affordable, general purpose fertiliser to perk up my pots? I have been using Miracle Gro soluble fertiliser but I would love to know if I can do better!

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  • Kay8Kay8 Posts: 216

    I would like to know an answer to this as well... I'm going to get some at the weekend. I was going to get Miracle Gro though!!

  • Verdun wrote (see)

    Well, I think phostrogen takes some beating for plants in pots. For sturdy growth and good flowerimg it is excellent.   For edibles in pots fish blood amd bone and seaweed extract.


    Yes, I would second that, Verdun.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,572

    I've used phostrogen for a long time for pots. I found it good value and easy to use. Just a teaspoon in a watering can full of water.

  • Kay8Kay8 Posts: 216

    That's what I'll be getting then!

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  • I use an organic fertilizer and wood ash around my fruit trees and bushes. On the allotment I use well rotted manure to mulch, plus home rotted compost.  Everything grows in abundance, and my flowers in the garden and on the plot seem to appreciate the same stuff, and flower beautifully.  I repot most things every year. 

  • Kay8Kay8 Posts: 216

    Thanks David K! Haha!

  • Kay8 wrote (see)

    Thanks David K! Haha!


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    All you need to do now is copy your pic and use it for your avatar,

  • I make use of the stinging nettles that are growing in the unneurtured wildlife part of my garden. I snip off the tops, put them in an old bucket which I leave out for the rain to fill up. I leave them for a few weeks to erm 'mature' shall we say, then I approach carefully, scarf wrapped around my nose and decant the smelly concoction into old milk cartons.

    I mix the nettle feed about 10/1 water to feed and water my outdoor plants with it weekly.

    My indoor plants get tomato feed - the nettle feed is far too smelly for the house!

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