Cherry brown rot blight

My cherry blossom has brown rot blight but can't find treatment and wondered if it would affect my other trees such as apple plum etc. Do I need to chop the cherry tree down or can I salvage it, the brown rot started last year. It thought it was cherry blackly and still not sure but pice on Internet look like blight? Help


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    If you just mean brown rot, you should prune out affected sections and burn them, then spray with difenoconazole (Westland Plant Rescue Fungus Control), which should control it. You should spray three times, at the beginning, middle and end of flowering.

  • CindersCinders Posts: 3
    I will give this a go many thanks. I did spray last yr but obviously not well enough! Cheers
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