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what are you propagating?



  • cotty1000cotty1000 Posts: 293

    Obelixx I do it when there is fresh growth,where it is nice and bendy.

    Is spring or autumn the best time for root cuttings as I have had limited results?

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  • Sounds like everyone is very busy sowing and growing. Not tried Erysimum before.......may have a look at that for next year! 

    Been a bit late starting sowing .....first lot only went in about a week and a half ago! So far I've sown Rudbeckia 'Irish Spring' and 'Rustic Dwarf', Helenium Hoopesii, Echinacea 'Bravado', Catananche Caerulea 'Amor White', Digitalis Obscura 'Dusky Maid', Verbena Bonariensis, Polemonium Sulfur Trumpets, Salvia, Echium 'Blue Bedder', Scabious 'Blue Cushion' plus a few ornamental grasses starting to germinate. Need to get my Coreopsis in an odd achillea with 'ball' shaped flowers.

    Also have seven new Hydrangeas from cuttings taking last year and that are starting to romp away. Chuffed that I have some Cotoneaster seedlings germinating and that were only removed from the fridge about a week ago. Need to get moving with some Astrantia 'Primadonna' seeds as they'll have to go in the fridge too for a few weeks! Have two Brugmansia cuttings doing very well indoors and which need repotting already! Dahlias also need potting up as they are starting to produce shoots..... Much to do........image

    I'm sure more will be added



  • cotty1000cotty1000 Posts: 293

    I would like to propagate my new Japanese anemones from root cuttings,is it best in spring with an established plant,or should I wait til late summer/autumn?

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