Tomato Plant indoors

Hi Everyone,

I have a tomato plant indoors that has now grown the size of the window and I am looking for the best option to keep it.
This was born from stuff in my wormbox, the tomato box says the variety is "Pitenza", which I couldnt find a lot about. I dont know if it is a determinate variety or not.

The plant is healthy, with 75cm above the top of the soil and the top leaves dont get much light now. Any advice?
I am also going to repot in the larger pot seen.

I have grown lights inside for smaller plants, nothing for a plant this size.


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    It looks happy and healthy, but it is big!  What do you have outside - a greenhouse, a mini-greenhouse etc.?  I left some plants out in my greenhouse a couple of weeks back, and being out there has kept them from growing too big, unlike the windowsill ones, but they are still healthy despite the colder conditions.  If it were going to frost I could bring them in I guess.  I am wondering whether I should put the windowsill triffids out there too, at least as long as it is mild enough, and pull them all in if the temperature drops.  But then again, I am growing an outdoor variety, and we don't know much about your variety.  Have you planted any stand-bys?

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your thoughts, saddly I have no outdoor space. This is a small 1bed Flat. I have a few smaller plants and a small wormery

    Im sure its still going to grow more. Its growing at a rate of 2-3cm a day and the weather has been a bit cloudy latelly. I wonder if it is a good idea to repot it, or perhaps should i keep it to try to control how fast it grows?

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    Wow, can't give you any advice as I am new to tomato growing, but you could tell me what you've been feeding it imageimage

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    You dont feed them until they have made a first lot of flowers, then Tomorite or similar.  If you feed it before it flowers it will say 'no need to flower, i am doing well on food now'  the idea is to keep it hungry and then it thinks ' better get on and set seeds for future generations before i die' just like any other annual.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
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    LOL Lyn, I was joking image I have read somewhere not to feed until they flower but thanks anyway image

  • I have some compost and wormtea when i repoted a month ago. Plant was 20cm talll

  • what about pruning the top a bit to that it doesnt grow any taller? will that help, you think?

  • Im not sure, I've read somewhere that could reduce flower/fruits. Perhaps some expert could clarify?


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