Help uploading pictures

Kay8Kay8 Posts: 207

I can't put pictures up... they will not upload... can anyone help???


  • scrogginscroggin Posts: 2,080

    Are they over 4MB, if so they will not upload. Its best to compress the picture first and then you should find it will upload. I take it you are using a PC/laptop and not a smartphone?

  • LynLyn Posts: 8,406

    Have you got as far as choosing and clicking upload, it sometimes takes a long while to load depending on how big your piccy is. When its ready, the pic will show then you have to click where it says save.

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  • Kay8Kay8 Posts: 207

    I'll try again, thanks


  • Kay8Kay8 Posts: 207

    I've managed it... I wasn't being patient enough. Thank you image

  • ive tried to upload pics but all i get wen i click the image icon is a blank screen with no option to browse or upload xx


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