Thin, shallow and uneven borders, full of wood chippings...

I've all but run out of space for my pots, and I have a huge amount of marigolds, dahlias, carnations and zinnias grown from seed that I want to use, the only space I have remaining is this thin border running the length of the garden and drive, problem is it's home to lots of bark, stones, bricks, and not a lot else...

What, if anything is appropriate to grow here, with relatively quick results in time for summer? I'd like to create some height and colour if at all possible, I shall attach a picture showing the size of it.


 There's an even smaller border next to the lawn, where I prop up my bike, and a short one where the 'purple spidery plant' is... I was thinking of growing some veg there now we don't use the car! At least until we get the allotment...

Anyway, your input and ideas would be great!



  • Orchid LadyOrchid Lady Posts: 5,800

    Can you take any if the bark up SP? And is the soil underneath any good?  If not, my suggestion would be nice big pots sat on top of the bark.  

    I have only just sown quite a lot of bedding seeds, sunflowers etc and you can also sow straight into the pots as I am doing with my poached egg plant.  You already have quite a few plants on the go that you could fill the pots with.

    At our local tip / recycling centre they sell off useable things and I bought my tulip pots cheap there last year, just a thought image 

    Don't forget you can also grow veg in pots image

    Hope this helps, I'm sure others will have better ideas with me being fairly new to it but thought I'd try and help a bit image

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    SPea - can you scrape out all the rubbish and bark etc and pop a few bags of topsoil/compost in it? I'd put the Phormium in a big pot at the front door. It could probably be divided into two plants by the look of it.  If it's growing happily there - which it seems to be - then it's probably fairly well draining and sunny, so you'd be able to grow quite a varied amount of stuff there. 

  • Orchid LadyOrchid Lady Posts: 5,800

    Don't forget SP, you can also grow fruit trees in pots too and they have some in Aldi at the moment image

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