what to do with school gardens during holidays

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My daughters school has a sensory garden where they have planted wild seeds and lots of perennials in it.  they are wondering what to do during the summer holidays to keep the plants alive. 

They were wondering whether to get the Parents Association to purchase some sort of irrigation / drip system ??? Anyone have any experience with these and how best to keep plants alive over 6 weeks of summer ? 

Not an option to go in and water as school grounds all locked up. 


  • LynLyn Posts: 8,384

    Thhis is the problem with non gardening teachers, it sounds good at the time but they dont think ahead.

    Even if you buy a watering system,  no one can go in and weed, chop back or dead head so the plants will be finished anyway.

    Is there nobody that could go in and open the gates for a couple of days a week.

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    Am the janitor at our village school and i water the garden during the holidays if am not away. If i am away one of the parent council do it surely some of the staff or parent's can do it only a gate key needed if got an outside tap.

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    Well, wild flowers are wild flowers and no one waters and trims them n the wild and they've survived for thousands of years - those ones will probably be ok if a bit scruffy by September - but that's the nature of things. image

    As for the rest, every school I've ever known has a caretaker who does things on the site during the summer - could he/she not be prevailed upon to keep an eye on things and if there's a real dry spell perhaps chuck a few buckets of water over it in exchange for a gift of something welcome from the PTA ?

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    Are they planted in the ground or in pots? How long ago were the perennials planted?

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