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Peace Lily

Morning everybody -

I bought a peace lily at a jumble sale and was advised to water very lightly only when the leaves start to droop.

I am very parsimonious with the amount of water I give it but the leaves are still going yellow.  I water from the top - maybe I should water from the bottom?

Where am I going wrong?





  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Have you checked the drainage hole -it might be blocked -take the plant out of the pot -if it is sodden -there is you answer.

    If not come back.

  • I'm fairly certain it's not but will check.  But I never give it enough water to get as far as the bottom of the pot - just a tiny amount to make the leaves perk up again.

  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,013

    I water my houseplants well but remove  any water that has collected in the bottom of the outer pot. Then I don't water again until the plant wilts a bit or the pot feels light and the compost dry on top image Maybe the roots aren't getting enough water image

    Pam x

  • Pam - Maybe you've hit the nail on the head!  I only give it a teaspoon or two - that's what I was advised to do - but it's very likely that the roots aren't getting any!

    I normally water houseplants your way so I'll try it with the peace lily - it'll be either kill or cure but it doesn't look very happy so it's worth a try.



  • I have 2 peace Lilly's and have had them for about 8 years and for some reason they are not thriving at all, the leaves are dying on the tips up to about 1inch into the leaf and they just look very sad! Maybe they have had thier day! May be a silly question but do they have a life span?


  • yellowing leaves - could it also be lack of feed? or maybe dry air? 

    i have one of these, it's ok as long as it is in indirect light, leaves look healthy - But no flowers!!!  Help!!

  • Well - I took Pam's advice and gave the lily a thorough watering last night, making sure there wasn't any water standing in the outside pot.

    It looked happier this morning - just have to wait now to see if there's any sign of yellowing.

  • It was looking good this morning - perked up a lot and no sign yet of any yellowing.


  • Excitable BoyExcitable Boy Posts: 165

    Yvonne, regarding lifespan my then boss sent my wife one of these (mature and in flower) when our first child was born 19 years ago. It's still going strong and flowering today. I don't think my BH does anything special with it. It probably doesn't get watered very often, gets the odd dust and is kept by a West facing patio door. I think as long as you don't let it get frosted you shouldn't have any problems.

  • The SaintThe Saint Posts: 23

    I have a peace lily that ive had for years & it's beautiful.  Firstly make sure it isn't pot-bound.  I keep mine well watered as it doesn't like drying out, and once the leaves go brown it's not nice.  From time to time I've over-watered & it's ended up sitting in water, but it's taken no harm, but it's not good to let it sit in water.  For my money it likes more water than less.  Mine has 3 flower spikes at present & the leaves are lovely & glossy.

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