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Spring lawn maintenance


we had a new lawn laid last summer. it's taken well, but there are a few issues I'd like to address now spring has sprung and was hoping to get some advice for the best way to tackle these and the most appropriate products to use. The issues are...

1. There are a couple of patches where the grass is much darker, has thicker blades and grows more quickly than the rest of the lawn. Clearly it's a different type of grass. The biggest parch is about 70cm diameter. I'd like to somehow get rid of these patches or thin them out out to make a more homogenous lawn.

2. There is a very odd, circular bare patch in the lawn. It's about 30cm in diameter and the soil is completely exposed... It looks like a pot has been placed there for a long time... But that is not the case. I do not know what has caused it, but it needs to be filled.

3. The back of the garden is very shaded and growth is very thin... Bare in the corners. I'd like to fill the bare patches and encourage growth in this area.

I know there are methods and products to treat each of these issues, but I'm not sure how they would work alongside one another. Also I'd like to feed/treat the lawn to improve root growth etc.

Finally, I have children and cats so need products that are safe for them.

Any advice for a spring treatment strategy to address these issues would be very much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.


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