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Renovating my new small garden







Hi everybody, I moved into a property last year and am trying to reshape the gardens front and back. I have a few problems and am unsure of what to do. I'm really only a beginner gardener. 

my lawn lawn is looking feral, loads of moss and wild tussock like grass. I've cut it and it looks a bit better. I have moss killer/lawn feed but I can only put it on the lawn when it is likely not to rain. Never gonna happen here I think!  Is there any recommended products for the lawn that can be applied at any time? 

secondly, I'm afraid I made a right mess of the evergreen shrub at the drive entrance. I trimmed out some of the base branches to make room at the base for some plants. But I overdid it. Will it ever fill out? I looks a terrible mess. I rather ashamed of the dreadful effort.

Lastly my driveway and walls have a fair bit of moss and green algal marking. Is there anything that I can use that will clear it? Apologises if these questions have been answered a million times before. I've included a few pictures to show what I'm dealing with. I'm aware that our area is very damp as we are right beside a mountain range so it would always be a fight with moss and mould.

Many thanks for the advice. 




  • Hi Jesse I am fairly new to gardening myself so wouldn't be the best person to advise you on your garden. However I do own a cleaning company, and I think viro-sol might work on your wall. Its a fairly good all round cleaner. Spray on and leave for 5 mins. Give in a scrub with an old floor brush, then rinse of with a few buckets of water.

    If that doesn't work. Paint and a paint brush.

    From what I can see your garden looks fairly tidy. A few good establish shrubs there to work with. If you don't really use that grassed area of the garden, you can bring them borders out a bit and plant up for a bit more interest.

  • Sprig2Sprig2 Posts: 74

    What a neat garden! If it was mine I would not worry about the moss in the lawn. Just keep it well mown and it still looks tidy. That is what we do with ours. It sounds like you may be fighting an on-going battle with your local elements otherwise. If you really do want to try and get rid of it then just give the lawn a good rake over with a metal lawn rake. That should get most of it out even without treating it with something first. Be prepared for it to look patchy and horrid for a while afterwards though. In terms of planting I think it would look great if you at least doubled the width of your borders. So much easier to make a big impact then. Also how about planting some taller plants of getting something that will scramble along the fence to add some colour higher up? Why not have a walk round the local area and see what is growing well in other people's gardens. That should give you a good idea of what might do well in yours.

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