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Crane fly larvae

Hi, did some pottering at the weekend and came across clusters of crane fly larvae under my pots, under my small food waste bin, in the bristles of my broom! Never noticed this many before- I must have collected over 50 for the bird table. I'm in the Bristol area- has anyone else noticed more larvae than normal?


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    Hi Ginger-Annie image

    Commiserate with Tiffany - you and she have something in common 


    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Hi GA, I'm in Bristol too (in Mangotsfield) but haven't noticed any as yet. Otherwise known as leatherjackets they can cause a lot of damage to root systems especially in lawns where they eat the roots and the grass turns yellow & dies in patches. Best and most effective treatment is nematodes. Crows and Magpies will often dig them out but though we have an abundance of Magpies in Mangotsfield they will not eradicate them where there is a bad infestation.

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    There was a bit on GQT about them the other week - suggested covering an area of lawn with tarpaulin for a few days, which will encourage the grubs to the surface.  Then go out at dawn and remove it, and all the birds will pick the grubs off for you.  Apparently the worms get back into the ground quick enough to avoid the same fateimage

  • Hi there I can relate to your problem I thought I was in a B-movie horror on Tuesday even when I opened my back door to what seemed like hundreds (but what was probably tens) of writhing grubs which seemed to be heading towards my back door . . . I applied my first application of nematodes last night and have only seen one or two or possible three since which is a great relief!!! Loving those nematodes . . . I'm in Bedfordshire by the way . . . hope you get yours under control soon image

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