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Top dressing + mowing

For those in a rush -

If I top dress the lawn how/can I avoid splattering soil everywhere when I mow it?


Bit more info -

Decided to make some kind of effort with the front garden.  Just a "lawn" + flower bed with a tree in it.  The lawn has a good smattering of weeds in it (mainly dandylions, some moss, a bit of weird big grass, and some tendril-y thing).  It's had it's first cut of the year over the weekend and I plan on putting weed+feed on it this week, weather permitting, raking the dead stuff out and putting some new seed on it.

I've read that now is a good time to top dress the grass.  I hadn't heard of it before, seems to involve forking the grass over, then spreading a mix of sand/compost on it.  Just a bit worried about mowing it afterwards (especially with the reseeding).  How long do you leave it before mowing?  I don't want to launch garden everywhere, but I don't fancy leaving it to grow knee deep either!

Any advice gratefully received!


  • Make sure you rake/brush the top soil evenly across the lawn. I would then leave it for a few days to a week before mowing. If it doesn't rain after top dressing the lawn, lightly water the grass to wash the sand mix off the grass leaves so that the blade on your mower doesn't go blunt. 

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