wild garlic

Please can anybody tell me where I can buy wild garlic bulbs or plants from.




  • Thanks Ceres but they have stopped selling for this seasonimageimage

  • I bought some from e-bay seeds hope they are ok

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    You have to be joking right????!!!!!!  I've just spend a second whole day digging out wild garlic from just behind our garden fence because it's spreading through into our garden and threatening to choke my new hedge plus all  my new plants!  Probably another 3 or 4 days needed now to get the garlic out of my border, which is 21m long.  Sorry for the rant ... I'm feeling a little tired and sore image

    How many bulbs did you have in mind?  If you send me the postage from the IOM, I could send you as many as you want.  I'd have to dig them up in full leaf though cos they're about to flower. 



  • Hi CharleyD thanks for the offer around 35bulbs what's the postage from IOM?

  • CharleyDCharleyD Posts: 440

    Ok, I'll dig some up tomorrow afternoon and weight them and let you know image

  • Lol I loVe the stuff can't get bought some "in the green" wild garlic last year from ebay the chap came from the isle of wight the stuff is fantastic massive leaves ( yum wild garlic pesto) and it's doing nicely!!

  • Thanks Charley D 

  • CharleyDCharleyD Posts: 440

    Hi there

    Looks like a Hermes collection would be about the best bet - it would cost around £10.

  • That's fine please pm me image

  • Like CharleyD I've been constantly digging up wild garlic bulbs. Do take extra care when you are planting these in your garden.

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    Fluffy Cloud, it's really nice to have someone who can empathise image  Do you have any mixed with other plants?  I'm wondering if I'll buy one of those Fiskars weeders so I can try to pluck them out that way now that I'm getting them thinned out.  How long have you been trying to get rid of yours?

    Cwoodward, we're going to have to go away unexpectedly but I've done a quick check on line and amazon sells bulbs

    50 Wild Garlic bulbs, Ransoms, Allium Ursinum Free UK P&P

    I didn't really check any further but it does look like you can readily get them.  I think it may be quicker than to wait for us to get back. 

  • Thanks CharleyD I look on amazon, I'm not planting in the ground ,putting them into pots of lilly bulbs to try and stop the lilly beetles eating my lillies it's an experiment to save the lillies (fingers crossed.)
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    mm wild garlic pesto...image I'll be making that tomorrowimage

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    I have wild garlic and am happy to send you plants. Do PM me. I enjoy having it in my garden, and, it makes lovely pesto, milder than the real garlic. I make it in the spring and freeze it. It is delicious in stir frys and the young leaves are lovely in salads. The white flowers are a welcome sight in early spring too. Don't worry, it will not destroy your hedge plants and is shallow rooted so you do not need a Fiskars tool to remove it.

    To each his own eh? One persons "weed" is anothers' joy

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    artjak and jatnik

    Do you use the leaves or the bulbs to make the pesto?

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    Nut, I would use the leaves image  or have done so in the past - hopefully I'll be able to make it again next year image

    Also fabulous with goat cheese 

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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    I'll have to try that Dove, thanksimage

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    Hi Nut, as dove says I use the young leaves.The bulbs are good chopped up with the leaves and flowers tossed in warm veggies and drizzled with olive oil....yum, yum image


     Hi Nut, as Dove says, I use the young leaves. The bulbs,leaves and flowers are good to chopped and tossed in warm veg. drizzled in olive oil, YUM image

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    Thanks jatnik. I have plenty to experiment with. For years the clump didn't enlarge at all, it was growing through Ivy and all sorts of weeds. One winter I took a mower and cleared the top growth. Then it got awayimage

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