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what is eating my runner bean leafs?


I am new to growing my own vegatables. My Runner bean plants were lovely when I put them out, they are now being eating by something and getting a bit straggly. Help?

Would it help to know that I live in a wooded area?


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Slugs-probably-just a word of caution -you are very early-possibly by a month !!

  • oops really! I followed the packet. Do ou think they will survive?

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    What part of the country are you?-they do not like cold and a late frost will see them off.

    A lot off seed packets are distributed in other countries so what might work in Southern Spain right now won't work in the North of Scotland

    As a rough guide allow 4 weeks from sowing to planting-I live in Southampton and will be sowing in a couple of weeks

    You might be alright-but you might need to sow again-starting early does not always pay off-sorry

  • Thank you , I am in Surrey. Little disapointed now, no worries though, if I need to I will try again, Thanks again. I think I need to invest in a good book!

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Oh-now I feel guilty !!-as I said you might be alright-just have some seed on standby image

    On books-I always say look in charity shops-there are usually loads.

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    When following seed packets, especially veg, I always have a 2-4 week sowing allowance as I live in the northeast coast - its very cold here. But I do make one exception when sowing pumpkin seeds, these need to be started off by the times stated on the packet. Otherwise, they won't be ready in time for halloween. 

  • MartinaRMartinaR Posts: 4

    Hi Paula,

    I was a TOTAL beginner lst year and slugs did for much of my crops so I now add a circle of slug pellets around everything I plant out.

    I would highly recommend the "How to" section on this site and You tube videos ( Just be sure they are not posted by someone in Australia! Also my "bible" is River Cottage Handbook No 4 "Veg Patch" by Mark Diacono It has an easy to follow one page a veg so you get just enough without overload. Good luck, enjoy and be warned it is an addictive.

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