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rhododendron needs moving

Hello we need to move a very large rhododendron. It is a very healthy plant but will be in the way of a new driveway being installed. We do not want to loose it and was thinking of moving it to our back garden, however we do not know much about moving them (if you can) and if they can be cut back, It is an old plant and we would welcome any advice on the matter of moving it if anybody has any to spare. Thanks very much.


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    How big is large paul? If it's of any real size a metre or more the root system will be quite extensive. A picture would help for any recommendations failing that at least some dimensions.

    Rhododendrons can be cut back, usually after flowering, they are quite tough, but it will take a while to recover, failing that you can take cuttings, layering is recommended, large rhododendrons are difficult beasts move, usually taking machinery to get the job done.

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Paul, sounds as if you do have any choice, if the drive is going it becomes move it or lose it.

    Old Rhododendron can be cut back to around two feet from the ground, then dig around it well out from the roots taking as big a root ball as possible or you can manage, wrap it in plastic and tie whilst moving and preparing the new spot, keep damp.

    The root ball can be lightly trimmed, make sure you add some acidic soil, they do not like alkaline or neutral soil, replant and wait, it could be a couple of years or more before it settles and flowers.

    Good luck, Frank.

  • Thanks for the replies. The rhododendron stands about 1.25m by 1.25m. I will take some cuttings before I move it so if we do loose it we will still have some of it left to grow. 

    Thanks again


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