Keeping on bulbs in containers


I've tried googling for this question, but can't find anything which quite answers it.

I have several grape hyacinth bulbs flowering at the moment in containers on my balcony (and a few indoors who didn't like that at ALL and shot up and went over within a fortnight) and a hyacinth bulb inside which went over a while ago.

I want to keep the bulbs, if I can, for next year, and I was wondering about three things:

1. Can I replant them into another containter to over winter? I have an empty outdoor container I'd like to have them in next year, so I was wondering about planting them into that this winter to be ready in the spring.

2. If I can replant them over winter, when should I do it? Should I wait until all the leaves have died back, or cut them back or what?

3. How should I treat them? They'll be outside on an east-facing balcony, so they'll get rained on, cold etc, but I live in London and on the fifth floor, so probably no real freezing.

And bonus question 4 - will they even have a chance of flowering again at all, or was it a one-time deal?

Many, many silly questions!


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    To a lot of people grape hyacinths are a troublesome weed and hard to destroy so whatever you do they will probably surviveimage

    Let them die back naturally, they will come back next year-you can move them now if you wish.

  • Thanks! I just like them because we used to have them in the garden when I was little.  I do remember them being EVERYWHERE image

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    If you want to be sure of good flowers, give them a feed or two while the leaves are dying back. The hyacinth should be OK if treated in the same way, too, although its flowers may be a bit smaller.

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