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Feeding routine

Hi guys,

l'm looking for a feeding /protection routine for my borders.  One is established, two are new and there'll be some more on the way.

They are mainly shrubs and herbaceous perennials, on acidic clay soil. I'm a rhododendron fan so needing to maintain the acidity.  One of the borders is a newly planted rose bed (and doing really well probably due to the manure prior to planting - I'm really chuffed.  And a convert to soil improvement!!)

My plan is to feed with chicken manure or blood, fish and bone this time of year, and then mulch late autumn with something mildly acidic like Rowlawn pro mulch topped up with anything I made made myself eg leaf mold, compost, shredded clippings.

Does this sound sensible?  Anything else?  I assume I should also feed the roses throughout the growing season? 




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    Any advice?

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    you can't beat home made compost, IMHO. I used to have a small garden, but decent sized bins I'd never have filled on my own. Put out the word and your neighbours will happily  ( well , mine did ) bring you their lawn clippings , weeds etc. You do need to sort through to make sure there's nothing in there you don't want, It worked for me.

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