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struggling laburnum

<p class="MsoNormal">My laburnum tree is usually well advanced at this time of year, but now it is looking decidedly weak.  The leaves are only just appearing.  Is this due to the weather history this Winter/Spring?  It is in poor condition generally, with large cracks in the trunk, which has also been stripped of bark to some extent by squirrels.  I'll be sorry to lose it - it's always flowered beautifully to date..  Any comments welcome


  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    I'm no tree expert but if the tree is already weakened in some way. This weather that were are experiencing at the moment is not going to help.

    Your tree is not an isolated case, on my travels around my local area, I have seen many sorry looking specimens. Unless you deem the tree unsafe, I would probably leave it until we start to get some warmier weather and reassess its predicament.

    Good luck image

  • amazingamazing Posts: 8

    Without seeing the tree it is hard to tell wether it is viable or not. I think the weather is affecting not just trees but a lot of plants this year.  I have a client that planted a beautiful Robinia a couple of years ago and although it had a great year last year, it is not looking too good this year. Give it until the end of May to see if it improves. However,  I echo marshmello's comments that if it is in any way dangerous it needs to be addressed immediately.

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