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Ideas for a 2 Meter Wide Planter Box

When it comes to gardening experience, I am very good with hard landscaping but put my hands up to say I know next to nothing when it comes to finishing off the project with flowers and plants.

I have a very bare looking frontage to my house, as I have a large cobble block drive with no grass or planting area.  Looks pretty dull and like a car park.  Great if you want to park cars but no so great when you are trying to sell a house.

I have just purchased a rather large 2 meter long by 40cm deep and 40cm wide planter.  It is huge and I really need some advice as to what to put in it.  I am looking to have some hardy greenery mixed with some bright plants.  I have put some pansies in hanging baskets, but the focal point will be this planter.  Any advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks


  • kate1123kate1123 Posts: 2,815

    I would go for lavander, get some of the hardier ones, evergreen all year, smells lovely and good for the bees. You could edge the planter with some trailing nasturtiums or petunias. Then plant some bulbs for next spring.

  • rocketterockette Posts: 14

    For bright plants I would really recommend Senetti as they have masses of stunning colour, insects love them and they flower right through. Would look great among some evergreen shrubs like lavender and rosemary.
    Also recommend Osteospermums, tough flowering plants which keep going on through the season and will come back each year if in a sheltered enough spot.

  • Some great ideas there, thank you.  I forgot how nice lavender looks especially in a planter.  Just have to wait for the rain to stop now...

  • amazingamazing Posts: 8

    Hi does the planter face north south east or west and is sheltered or exposed? This will affect which plants will thrive and give you curb appeal.

  • The garden gets the sun all morning up until about 13:00hrs when it moves over the back garden.  It is quite exposed.

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