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Hi peeps

 I have recently planted a polish spirit clematis, is it to late to prune it back for this seasons blooms? keeping in mind i'm in central Scotland and i reckon about four weeks behind the season for the majority of the uk..




  • OOh I'm not sure about pruning it. The recomendation is usually not to prune for the first year. The poor plant has been through enough stress don't you think? I have one of this variety and it's fabulous. Mine was only £1.90 two years ago , but my patience has proved worth it, as it bloomed it's little heart out last year. I just hope it does the same this year. It grew through a lilac solanum and looked fantastic with it's purple blooms amongst the little flowers.

  • P S meant to say I love your name! I remember the other one!

  • Giving away your age there Doris,..image..  I thought the recommendation was to prune it back shortly after planting, especially in spring after the danger of frost has passed (which is about July up here) image... But yes it makes sense to leave it alone for a season after the stress of planting..



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