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I want to create a minimalist small garden - I have a flagged checkerboard type patio, and lawn, with a border to the raised patio, and around the edges of the lawn. I might have some pots with flowers (if I can find suitable ones) in the summer (I don't want that tumbling out of pots look!)

I think I want to go for evergreen, as I hate the look that is left as things die off, and I don't want that cottage garden look, but a modern look.

Any ideas for plants please? Or any other tips. I am very new to the gardening world. 

Thanks so much.


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    Ahh, I've not been on the forum long, but I have noticed quite a lot of us like the tumbling out of the pot look!

    My garden isn't minimalist at all, the size however is minimal, so I've found a good place to find nice containers is obvious places like Homebase, but do try TK Maxx, or even better a Homesense if you have one.

    If you are into the design of the garden, have you thought much about colour palette? If you are going for a minimal look, then too many, striking, or pale, or just general contrasting colours won't work for you, you need to stick to one, or two, which i'm sure you know... Letting us know what colours and tones you plan on sticking to will help us, and help yourself when finding appropriate containers.

    I probably sound terribly patronising, so sorry if i've come off that way!


    Good luck!

  • SweetPea93SweetPea93 Posts: 446

    From what you have described this is the sort of thing I am imagining in my mind


     How about plants like these?



    More knowledgeable people will be able to tell you what they are, the colours are subtle, they are low maintenance, and offer a bit more variety than some small 70's container conifers



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    Is the checkerboard terrace black and white or 2 other colours...I'm thinking just black and white plants. There is a recent thread on here, started by Verdun I think about black plants. That would give you a very modern, stark look.image

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    Phormiums and Box balls/pyramids etc give a very contemporary look. I use some of the buxifolia Hebes instead of box to give the same look. These are all evergreen. A cool palette with the odd splash of colour works well in a small area too. Put plants in pots in a row of three or five to give repetition and uniformity. Use good sized 'statement' pots all the same, not small fiddly pots which are all different. image

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    Groups of three or five pots of plants all the same will look really elegant - always odd numbers image

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