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Is it box blight or not ????

hello, haven't had  to post a problem for a while now -- yep my luck's run out.

anyway noticed that one of my mini box pyramids looking a bit odd the other day. had a closer look and saw that the middle of the plants seems to have gone all brown & shrivelled, the top & bottom half of the plant is still green/healthy. looked on RHS as I wasn't sure if it was blight but pictures were really different to how mine looks.

we have had problems with foxes and cats (other peoples) visiting out garden all year and wondered if the scent marking could possibly be to blame ???


any suggestions ????

thanks, shazza




  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    A pic of the area would really help.

  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    box blight smells  and the leaves turn blackish and the bush looks really sad.image

  • LPetal1LPetal1 Posts: 14

    I have box as well and had similar patches. It seems box grown as balls or pyramids do tend to have the concentration of greener leaf growth on the outside due to the light. However I have been advised they are a really thirsty shrub/plant and to make sure it doesn't dry out. Also highly recommend adding liquid seaweed into the watering can,  say weekly. I did this and mine seemed to have a growth spurt and the brown patches covered over. (Care with liquid seaweed though, don't give it too much as it can be bad for the plant) I was also recommened to resist urge to cut out brown growth in the first instance as the open wounds can then lead to box blight infection, but when you do give it a trim to do so when there is a clear dry day ahead, no rain, again so giving the plant a chance to fight off infection. I do actually suspect a neighbours cat is to blame for the brown patches on mine but not sure. 

    It was sad to see Monty Don on Gardeners World digging up his box but I guess necessary for him. I am continuing my fight against it! Good luck.

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