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Hi, me again, I'm becoming a regular on here asking for advice.... i have sown some lemon grass seeds that have germinated and are little plants now. I wondered - can i just pot them up individually or do i need to grow them on before putting in their final big pots? Any advice would be very gratefully recieved!


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    Generally with seedlings, when the first true leaves appear, it's time to pot them up. With lemon grass, over time the older stalks die-off (or get used) and new ones appear and they form quite a good clump. I can probably get 10-12 stalks/year per 10" pot.

    Never grown them from seed. I buy some from a supermarket, pop em in a glass with some water,wait for the roots to grow then pot them up.
    I've kept a few 10" pots of lemon grass going for years. You can also divide the clumps in the spring.
    We don't really get lemon grass weather here, so they spend the winter months in an unheated bedroom, but they still require water quite often.
    The results are OK, but no better.
    There are a few new shoots appearing now, but I often find that even over the course of spring/summer/autumn I don't really get the thick stalks that you get in the supermarket, nor are they as lemony, but still work really well in Thai, Malaysian etc cooking. Save the long leaves they make a lovely cuppa.
    Good luck!

    Thank you for your advice! I will try that with my little plants.
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