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Camelia Japonica

PhilBPhilB Posts: 6

Hi All,

Upon clearing my new garden I have found a Camelia Japonica that was growing against a conifer bush, now I'd like to move it across the other side or at least somewhere so it's backed up against a fence or wall so it's in the same position as before as it's only flowering on the one side.

Can someone tell me when the best time to move it would be or is it best left alone, and if and when it is best to prune it back and how far.

I suppose what I'm asking for is as much information about camelias as possible please image)


  • Gold1locksGold1locks Posts: 498

    Move it as soon as the flowers have faded, or earlier if you don't mind losing this year's flowers. Prune it as soon as you have moved it. You can prune it as much as you need to. If possible site it away from morning sun to avoid damage to the flowers from morning sun on frosty days. Incorporate moisture retaining organic matter into the planting hole and don't let it dry out in the months after replanting. 

  • PhilBPhilB Posts: 6

    Thanks Goldilocks I will do that this weekend, and I've got just the place for it too where it wont look out of place. This is against my fence because due to a load of unwanted bushes on it's one side (now removed) it has only grown on it's one side so I can place it against the fence where it will look like it's been there from the start, and yes this is away from morning sun but will get good afternoon sun.

    You say not to let it dry out in the months after moving, for how long and how often ?

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