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Squash - Yellow Leaves

Hi everyone, I have been growing a squash plant from seed (turks turban), it is still inside, in a 5" pot, and is at the 6 leaf stage. It appears to be doing ok, but I am concerned that the first two leaves are turning slightly yellow. Does anyone have an opinion on this, am I doing something wrong, or is this to be expected? I water it every few days, and the soil appears to be moist. Thanks.


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    Hi Bob,  It is normal for the first pair of leaves to yellow and die first, but as it is still a young plant, I think you may be over-watering it a little.  Try cutting down on the watering and only water it when the top of the compost appears dry.  Don't let it stand in water.  I also think you have probably started a little too early, especially given the atrocious weather we are having at the moment!  I only plant my squash and cucumber seeds in pots at the beginning of May and will hopefully be able to harden them off and plant out at the beginning of June.  I find it a bit hit-and-miss growing squash in the UK, especially winter types (eg butternut.)  On a good year I get perhaps 4 or 5 squash per plant, while in others,  only one.  All down to getting the right weather at the right time! 

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  • Bob177Bob177 Posts: 43

    Hi Bob, Many thanks for your advice, I realised I had sown a little early when I read the section on squash, in 'Vegetable Growing-Month By Month' at the week-end. I did initially move it into my greenhouse last week, but decided to move it back inside at the week-end, due to the cool weather. As a precaution, I decided to sow a couple of additional seeds on April 23rd, the first of those has now popped it's head thru the compost. The timing of that one is no doubt the better of the two sowings. I am also planning to transplant them to large containers, and grow them in my greenhouse - fingers crossed.

  • MandiMandi Posts: 10

    Hi both Bobs. I have just taken up gardening, to help distract me from worrying about a poorly husband. My timing is up the wall compared to yours as I live in Portugal, and my knowledge mainly this website and instinct. I have a number of raised beds on my terrace, each 1 metre square. I have planted unusual varieties of courgette, pumpkin and squash, putting 1 plant in each corner. Now I have lots of really healthy happy plants, all with fruits 1-2 cm long and lots of them! but I now have the problems 1) that the fruits are overhanging the boxes, and 2) that I have more leaves than I have ever had! I am resolving the first problem by putting a support, with a bed of straw, under them, but is it safe or foolish to remove some of the lower leaves? I realise that the leaves channel the water to the fruit, but are the really low ones necessary? Thanks

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  • MandiMandi Posts: 10

    Thanks for this, ChrissieB, I shall get on with it tomorrow. Would send you some sunshine if I could, though we are having very unseasonal rains here. (Not as bad as yours though)image

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