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replanting after hedge removal

We have just had an old cypress leylandi hedge cut down and stump grinded. We now have a bare north west facing fence. I would like to be able to plant fruit bushes eg raspberry and blackberry and some pretty climbers along the fence. Any advice re plants and preparing the bed would be welcome. I think roots will be a problem but digging them out is not an optio!


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Libby, I have known Currants and Gooseberries do well on a north west side but they were well off the fence and did get some sun. Most fruit needs an open area and plenty of sunshine. We gardeners are always up for a challenge so nothing to stop you trying a couple of different fruits and see how they go, remember most berries fruit on last years whips so may not fruit the first year.
    There are some Clematis that like a shaded area they come in three main groups and need differing cultivation, the labels on the pots should tell you what they need.
    Lonicera (honeysuckle) will grow almost anywhere.
    There may be a lot of wood dust still on the border and that will eat off the Nitrogen, anything you plant will need watching and normally I would say leave it a year, but I know we cannot stand looking at bare bits so take a chance. Others will come up with ideas and you takes yer choice as they say.


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