Reusing clay soil to raise patio level?

Hi all,

We're digging out the clay soil in a problem area of our garden and to save ourselves from injury, thought it best to hire a small skip to put it in. We wonder now though, as we are laying a patio also, is is possible to reuse the clay to raise the levels of the patio at the end of the garden or is this not a good idea? We thought that as we would be putting hardcore on it anyway, it might not matter that it has clay underneath it...but we may be very wrong. Any suggestions as to whether this is acceptable or not? Thanks in advance.




  • MuddyForkMuddyFork Posts: 375

    Clay shrinks and expands a lot so probably not the best stuff to have beneath a patio as this would rise and fall leading to cracks.  It would also be hard to compact the hardcore if it was sitting on recently dug clay. 

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