Complete weed and feed near veg

Hi All

I am probably worrying for nothing but I am someone that does not use weed killers as I like to grow my own veg.  Unfortuantly the new OH uses weed killer and I have a few pots of potatoes, strawberries and peas in tubs up near the house.  Whilst I was at work he thought he would be helpful and put complete weed and feed on the garden lawn so I can have a nice lawn for the summer.  My question is that will him sprinkling that around hurt my veg and will I still be able to eat them??


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Providing he didn't put it actually on the veg you will have no problem. If he did get it on the veg you'll soon know as they'll show the effects of the weedkiller component.

  • Fingers crossed they will be ok then image  Thanks for putting my mind at ease

  • Look up the internet about the weed killer it used.  The weed killer in weed and feed is dangerous - it says don't use the lawn mowings as a mulch as the poison can be absorbed into the plant and into the veg.  Don't let chickens feed on a treated lawn as the grit is harmful to them.  Don't let pets walk on it as the poison is absorbed into their paws...  I was horrified when I read about the dangers of weed and feed - I thought it would only kill weeds but the components are dangerous to pets and wildlife too. 

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