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Rose problems

hi , can anyone shed any light on a) guys gold - planted last year it had superb yellow blooms .. But so far this year it looks a bit anaemic , compared with all my other roses which are on fire with plenty of new growth ..

and b) standard ruby wedding , this has been fantastic the last few years , but at the moment the left hand side  looks a bit weak ..  

They have both got lots of feed etc ..... Is it something I,ve done ... See 2 photo,s attached ...thanks everyone ..Roy






  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    looks like it could do with pruning those dead bits out and cut back and some well rotted horse manure and good watering but it must be said that some old roses have gone beyond there sell by date and to that I would say take some cuttings.image

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Yes cut out the dead stems firstly, the first rose seems to have suffered with some wind rock or movement, so apply a good mulch and a bit of bonemeal mixed in and heel it down firmly, water. I'd tidy up the pruning cuts you have made as well, they are a bit far from the new buds and untidy, maybe new secateurs, nice and sharp ones.

    The standard seems to need a further prune, again the cuts need to be nearer the new buds and sharper. A good mulch as before and see how it goes.

  • LinnnaimLinnnaim Posts: 9

    Hi , cheers thanks very much , I will do that , spot on ... Thanks Roy

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