Help for a beginner please

Hi, my garden has an overgrown patch in it which looks to have been a flower patch many moons ago but we have not really had time to do anything which it as yet and it is quite overgrown now.  It is also home to two tree stumps, I would like to do something with it but I don't really have a lot of time for maintenance and would like something that will look nice all year but is also suitable to be in the garden with my young children.  Would mint be any good? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


  • P.S. I am wanting to try growing potatoes for the second time and other veg, I have just bought some first earlies and some onions, I have also bought a hybrid tea rose any tips and advice for these to help me on my way

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    Hello Pinklaces - Are you able to take a picture of your garden and post it on here.  If you can it will help folks on here to visualize it and then help you. 

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    Pinklace...before you go any further, don't just plant Mint in your will spread like mad.......if you like and use Mint.......put in a pot for nowimage

  • Thanks I will try and put a picture on tomorrow
  • You can make use of the tree stumps by drilling half inch holes all the way round them for bee's and other beneficial insects. I did it in my garden and added a 'Bee Hotel' sign which seems to have attracted them in image


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