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Peony tree - help!

Any advice on peony trees? I bought one mail order this time last year which, as price was reduced, I assume it was after it's season. I planted it as suggested and the two small leaves grew slightly. These dropped off in autumn. This spring - nothing! Leaves number 4 and bigger than last year but no actual growth. What am I doing wrong. Full price this plant was ??34! Have I wasted my moneyimage(. Any advice greatly received


  • I bought three last year and have exactly the same problem. I've read it's all about the planting depth and you have to get it exactly right or they don't like it. I planted as per instructions and still nothing so do i raise them this year and if that doesn't work lower them next? I don't know what to do for the best. Sorry i'm not much help, just thought i'd let you know your not alone. image

  • Mollycat2Mollycat2 Posts: 14
    Thanks for taking time to reply - it's good to know I'm not alone! I know peonies don't like being moved but I had hoped from ' new' to have had something by now. I was debating whether to contact Crocus directly as they do guarantee their plants? Hopefully there is someone out there who can help us both image
  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,493

    I bought a bare root one in March and it has a dozen leafs on it already.I would assume that they spend the first month or so developing feeding roots but they should leaf. I have mine in a large pot, added bonemeal and loose compost and is in a sunny location (when the sun does come out!). Is yours in the ground and if so does it have full sun?

  • Mollycat2Mollycat2 Posts: 14
    It is in the ground and has full sun. I will try and get some bonemeal this afternoon. Hopefully, if this week warms up as it is forecast to, it may make a difference. Thanks for the advice image
  • HarebearHarebear Posts: 2

    I bought one for my dad last year from crocus. It was bare root and for the first year it was a very sorry thing indeed! But this year its waist high, full of leaves and has at least 3 large flower bulbs on it. He planted it in the ground with loads of compost, in a sunny position and just left it alone. I don't think they like too much interference and they hate being moved

  • pavery026pavery026 Posts: 75

    Mine finally flowered last year after 3 years of waiting, but well worth the wait. However due to re- designing the border I unfortunately had to move it, so I will have to wait again to see some flowers but the foliage is coming along fine.

  • alibelalibel Posts: 1

    Mine - Molly the Witch - took 4 years to flower (admittedly from a seedling), and promptly had to be moved, 4 years ago - since when it has never looked back, flowers its head off and is now 5ft high.  I've just seen the first flower is on the point of opening, which is pretty good for a very exposed, chilly, windy part of the east of Scotland.  AND there are four or five seedlings at its base ...

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,493

    As long as the graft is 4 cm or so under the soil surface am sure it will be fine. They spend the first few years putting down roots and getting energy from leaves. Seems to spend the 3rd year onwards flowering!

  • Mollycat2Mollycat2 Posts: 14
    Excellent- looks like the best is yet to come! I will leave well alone and try and be more patient. Thanks for advice to all. I'm sure I'll be distracted by the 'will I, won't I ' debate as to when to plant my bedding out soon and leave the peony tree to it!
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