Homemade bug sprays

I was wanting to know everyone's opinion on homemade bug and pest sprays the type I have heard of are made from adding chilli powder garlic and liquid soap, does this work ? and can it cause harm to plants or soil, I have a very limited budget so buying spays from garden centre's etc.. is a bit to costly for me so any way I can save by making my own organic sprays would be great thanks image


  • I'd love to hear of anything too. 


     im thinking about Nematoads for the poly tunnel. 

  • I use water with a small amount of washing up liquid in it. One or two applications get rid of green fly and white fly and it is reasonably inoffensive and pleasant to use both inside and out. I prefer organic sprays anyway, as it doesn't harm anything else.

    I have heard that garlic and water is good as well but haven't used it myself.

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    In the past I've found that dilute washing up liquid sprayed on works well against aphids.  I use Ecover so it should be pretty harmless to the plants - I've never noticed any ill effects.  

    In this garden the bluetits seem to deal with the aphids for me. image

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  • Thanks for replies will give the dilute washing up liquid a try image
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    It took six years of (fails and disappointments) but since going completely organic the garden now has toads, frogs and umpteen species of birds that do most pest control. I used nematodes for two seasons but then the frogs arrived. I used garlic spray on foliage, then birds took over (but had to feed them seeds all winter and spring!). For mildew I use 30% milk spray and for Lily Beetle I go on night safaris and dawn raids.

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  • Frogs!!! Where did they come from?

    sorry, bit dim.

    Anything to do with the nematodes???

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    Frogs deal with the slugs Heather, cheaper than nematodes.  

    The gist of Marineliliums post is that if you stop poisoning things the natural predators take over. It works OK for me

  • Marinelilium I love it and hope to go organic like you, I have always been against chemicals and refuse to use them even though I might benefit from them, great picture to image
  • image

    I'm trying to keep up. Lots to learn.

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    I' was trying to keep up as well Heather but I think the world outside my garden has moved on without meimage

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