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Is my crab apple (malus profusion) dead?

How long should I wait before I declare my young malus profusion tree dead? I planted it last spring and it seemed to grow well in the summer - it's 2m now. It's a pot grown specimen from a local nursery. The position is west-facing on a slope. It  is staked low down from two sides so no root rock to speak of. I believe the soil drains well but it has been very wet lately. Similar trees in the area are in full bloom but they are more mature. The buds on mine seemed to be getting ready to do something during the warm spell in March, it went colder, then nothing... I planted some small bulbs about 20cm from the trunk (crocuses which came and went and minature daffs still in flower). I've since read the base should be kept grass and weed free. Could I have possibly killed the tree by planting bulbs at its base?? I'd be very grateful for any verdicts/advice.


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Let me reassure you of something-you would not have killed it by planting bulbs round it unless you managed to chop through all the roots!!

    The idea of leaving the area around it clear is so that grass etc. is not competing for the nutrients.

    I would not write of all hope yet-scratch back a bit of bark- if underneath it is still green-there is hope.

  • Thanks, sotongeoff, for your speedy response and glimmer of hope. I'll get scratching first thing! I thought 'death-by-bulb' didn't sound likely - there was no root chopping involved. I just worry a little more each day that I don't see this 'profusion' of flowers I'm waitng for. Anyway, thanks again. It'll go one way or the other and I may be back for advice on suitable replacements (but hopefully not). image

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