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Lily Beetle & Peach leaf curl

I am inundated with lily beetle - exhausted pinching them out. Just seem to get more due to the mild Winter no doubt. Does anything work against these red horrors?

Despite treating my peach tree with Bordeaux Mixture. Shop bought treatments and even resorting to garlic juice around the roots - the peach leaf curl has returned. Has anyone any ideas at all what to so next??Swearing and war dancing has not worked either!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,720

    Provado systemic bug killer. Spray each emerging Lily  shoot now. It's the best thing for Lily beetle.

    For peach leaf curl you need to have a polythene awning or tent over it to stop the leaves getting wet from rainwater.

  • I agree with Fidget. I have about a dozen lilies in pots and am troubled with these little red devils every year. I have tried the organic method of crushing them but the little blighters like to drop to the soil on their backs so you can't see them. If you don't get rid of them their offspring are awful, masquerading basically as brown pooh! image

    I think it is the only way that I am not totally organic now, but I always resort to the Pravada bug killer. Thankfully one spray seems to do it for the season. Just be sure to spray on a calm day so that the spray doesn't fly around, and when it's cloudy and thus the bees aren't present.




  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,038

    Many thanks. Coming to UK next week - Will stock up!

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    I spent so much time last year on lily beetle patrol I almost forgot to look at the lilies. They are getting, one has already, Provado this year.  Biofreak you can get it ready mixed in a spray or concentrate that you mix and spray.

  • Luckily I haven't noticed any although there are plenty of things they like to munch if you grow rhubarb add leaves you're disposing of into a bucket with a few pints of water and keep adding throughout the year. The resultant 'Juice' can be sprayed on all plants to kill of bugs since its toxic to them. It doesn't work on slugs and snails though. I also add a bit of dish washing up water which helps make the leaves of plants and/or fruit and veg a bit slippery. If you don't grow it go to your local market to stalls that sell Rhubarb they often take the leaves off to make it easier to carry home. They'll be happy to let you have it. 

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