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How to take cuttings from a Lavender Stoechas?

CatieCatie Posts: 50
Hello image I'm looking for some advice on how to take cuttings from a Lavender Stoechas/French Lavender plant - it's the plant with the butterfly wings at the tip of the flower? I tried taking some cuttings in Autumn but none of them took. However when I took cuttings from my Hidcote lavender plant, I got five fab cuttings which seem to be growing nicely. Is there a different way to take cuttings from the Stoechas lavender plant? Whereabouts do I make a cut? How can I tell what is new growth (sorry if that's a silly question)? Should I take a heel cutting? And if so, where from? I'm really grateful for any advice received. Stoechas seems a little bit more high maintenance than Hidcote! Thanks, Cate


  • chickychicky Posts: 10,402

    I think the method is exactly the same Catie - i'd try again later this year - sometimes cuttings are a bit hit and missimage.  My stoechas ones worked, but i had to cover them with a propagator lid for a few weeks to stop them drooping - even though the books say not to do that with lavender.

  • Mark-EMark-E Posts: 184

    Hi Catie, i also tried cuttings from my lavender last year but they didnt take, as chicky said, its probably worth trying in a propogator. I instead bought a decent sized plant from B&Q fairly cheaply, but i might try a few more cuttings in a propogator this year.

  • CatieCatie Posts: 50
    Thankyou, I might try again this spring. I was also thinking about layering some of the plants branches, so will try that too.

  • CatieCatie Posts: 50
    Oh wow, that sounds like a good idea! Will definitely try that in Autumn. Thanks Mike.

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