white mould on phormium tenax

Last year my phomium tenax which is growing in a tub developed really bad white mould I treated this with a systemic fungicide spay

however this year plant leaves are looking yellow and there is still a large amount of white mould at base of plant

any suggestions what I should do ?



  • Yes this  picture is exactly like my plant, no signs of bugs looks like it could be worse case.....

    I will try to divide and see if I can get a healthy piece. such a shame image


  • Mealy bugs are a pain! They attack some of my succulents and I have yet to find a way of fully eradicating it. I have tried soap spray, wiping the woolly bits off with cotton wool dipped in soap & water/cooking oil & water and in desperation, spraying with Pravada. Nothing seems to fully get rid and I usually end up sacrificing the plant as it spreads to neighbouring plants. Verdun's advice is sound and as he says, wash out the pot thoroughly and use fresh compost.

  • Edd,

    what is garlic spray? is this a home made recipe?


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