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I have a large umbrella green acer which has been in a large pot for around ten years. It is around 3.5 feet in diameter and up until this year has been glorious.

I have now discovered the plant is totally waterlogged. In an attempt to drain this off, my other half has broken a root from a cm hole in the bottom of the pot which was leading to an inch thick root in the ground. At the moment the pot is tipped slightly and there are thinner roots (unless also damaged) rooted from the pot into the ground.

Can I save this and if so what is the best thing to do now?


  • GedamGedam Posts: 3

    Hi Mike, Sorry I did not get notification of your reply. Planting in the open ground I really don't think is an option as so many roots from trees and ivy behind and no where else to plant! I was thinking earlier that one way would be to break pot and dig out (hopefully) the rest of the roots in the ground and re-pot into something even bigger. However, as this will be an expensive option, I really need some reassurance that losing the main root and possibly others that have rooted into the soil underneath, if this is a viable solution?

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    Hi Gedam,i cant comment on the root that's been cut off but , if i repot a fair sized tree and at the moment im doing figs,the experts say if you cant go into a bigger pot or into open soil then remove 20% of the old rootball with a sharp knife repot 1 to 2 inches deeper than before adding new compost and tamp down well,this is usually done every 2 years god luck

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    Thanks for the replies.

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