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Hello all

I am looking for some advice. I have just purchased four easy fill hanging baskets although I am now wondering whether I have bought the right thing or not.

I had intended to put them up at the front of the house which is north west facing and only receives an hour or two of evening sun.  Due to this I had intended to plant some begonia in the new baskets.  I have seen the giant cascading begonia which look brilliant although I beleive that only a couple need to be planted per basket and they come as tubers The baskets I have purchased have 12 holes and that isnt ever taking into consideration the top of the baskets.  So it looks like these baskets could take 15-17 plants.

My questions are:

1. I know that it slightly defeats the purpose but could I use these baskets for giant cascading begonia tubers without planting anything in the sides.or would soil fall out of non filled holes? If ok how many per 14" basket?

2. Could I plant the begonias tubers on top and maybe only fill a few of the side holes with something else or will soil still fall out?  If ok what could be planted alongside

3. Alternatively I put somthing else in the baskets but I dont know if I am keen on putting up to 17 plants in each due to a) the cost b) the weight c) the amount of watering d) it just seems too many.

I am not sure if I am over thinking this but any advice would be appreciated.



  • Chas

    Are the baskets in question the ones that have click in sections that allow you to place the plants in the basket without difficulty with not damaging the root ball. They are black  in colour and cost about £10 per basket . If they are, then I had 2 last year and the performance of the plants were the best I had seen in a basket




  • Chas76Chas76 Posts: 2

    Hi greenfingers steve

    Yes, they are they are the very same baskets. What did you plant in them? Did you fill every space? North/South Upright/Trailing?

  • Hi Chas

    Yes, as this was the suppliers information. They were been sold on one of the shopping channels and are advertised as the  professional gardeners hanging basket. I found them excellent  for trailing petunias and surfina's and as I stated had a great display last year. I used Westmorland  hanging basket compost and I found thecease easy to place the plants due to design of the basket.Also the sunken reservoir at the bottom of the basket holds the water. The design of the basket means it does not require any liner and I was a little bit sceptical on if they would be able to hold water and feed to the plants. But the proof was in last years display that was the best I had achieved.

    As regards the number of plants to use , I did fill the basket up to its maximum including the top of the basket that is done by mounding the compost on top before placing in the plants.

    in my opinion you could use less plants and still get a good display from this basket.

    A good tip is to put the basket click in sections in warm water before starting to plant up this basket as this will make them more easy to fit in to their side sections


  • Hi Chas


    Did you find my information helpful

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