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My rose

I got a rose for valentines day, which like you do I put in some water kept topping up with fresh water. It now appears to have ? Root/shoots on question is can I pot the rose and if so how and what do I need to do......I am very much a novice garden so any advice is very much appreciated Ann


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Pot it up and see what you get. Most roses for mother's day are imported from Africa, but it's worth a go. Add some mychorzihal fungi onto the roots before potting to aid rooting.

  • I have grown rose bushes from cuttings put in the ground with sharp sand at the base of the stems, looks like you have an easier way of rooting a rose, just pot it up in compost and see what happens.  My rose bush was very over grown and not very stable in the ground but I loved it and wanted to keep it so hence the cutting, ended up with six rose bushes out of eight so not bad for a beginner in rooting rose shoots.

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