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Crazy Ivy

Hello all.

My garage has ivy growing on top of it. I generally like it and it's lovely to see the bees and then the birds (especially blackbird) benefiting from it when not much else is flowering/fruiting.

However it is now out of control and I need to cut it back a bit. When is the best time to do this? If I do it now will it grow back nicely? Is it too late? I have a feeling that birds nest in it...


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    You can cut it back now, but you will have to check for nesting birds as disturbing them is a criminal offence.

    There is also the probability of overwintering insect, particularly butterflies. If I were you I'd trim the top now to a manageable level, then in about July when most of the chicks have fledged and before some insects have laid their eggs.

    You can't please all the wildlife so some will suffer, but leaving it a bit later will allow the ivy to recover and some food and laying opportunities for insects. 

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