can this work as ingredients for compost?



im making the most of a limited garden and of being 3 months pregnant and therefore quite tired, not able to do as much as last year etc. i started a compost bin late last year and it was made of an old lidded black bin which my mum sawed a big hole out of in the bottom. it put some twigs on the bottom which i read were good for aeration then put all kitchen waste fruit and veg in it. i also put in 'compost maker' which i bought on ebay with each fresh layer, and some shredded paper


i have NO garden waste, becuase the garden is mostly paved and the borders are mostly uncultivated and if anything is growing there it is weeds. therefore i have little natural 'brown' waste. so i was planning on adding shredded paper regularly to make up for this.


i got a little clump of compost forming in the early days, but now its just full of flies and rotten fruit and veg! is it because of what i'm putting in?


basically the only things i have to add to the bin are kitchen fruit and veg waste and shredded paper. is that going to work or shall i just give up? if it will work what can i do to sort out the current (lack of) compost?


many thanks for your help!


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    could you ask a neighbour for there garden waste grass cuttings etc and mix inimage

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    If you have no real garden waste, I would go to Edds vermicomposting for beginners thread and go with that. Have you got any worms in it at all?  If not, do you know anyone with a good compost heap that can let you have a bag of brandlings to get started with.

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  • One thing to try would be turning it, fluffing it up a bit.  Try digging up a few spade fills of ssoil from the borders and adding.  You might get a few worms that way and tiny organisms as it sounds as if it has not really started.  Compost is like yoghurt.  Try to keep going as it would be worth it

  • Any chance of getting a small bag of aged, well rotted horse manure to mix in? It will add worms 

  • It sounds like you're mixture is too wet. To sort it out you might empty its contents onto a tarpaulin then its 4" Brown (Newspaper, shredded paper or straw from your rabbit is good I get mine from a free recycling/reuse website) Then 4" Green kitchen, teabags and garden waste. Every now and again try and have a dig around to move the contents apparently mens wee is a brilliant activator something to do with hormones but will help you producing useable soil a lot sooner. Treat grass as green but use less water -  I occasionally water my compost heap to discourage rats and mice etc. they love the shredded paper parts great for nesting warm and cozy. 

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