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Screening issue, please help!


we have a small 35ftgarden that isnt terribly wide. The fence on one side (neighbours fence) is only 4 ft high, meaning that all summer long when the neighbours are out on their ratherhigh dcking they are looking straight in at us in our living room. I need a quick screening solution for privacy, however I understand that attaching bamboo screening etc to their  fence isnt allowed/ legal. Also our garden isnt very wide so we cant have anything too thick. I can consider all ideas, plants, bamboo anything really that might work. Can anyone help?


  • chickychicky Posts: 10,390
    If its only summer you are worried about you could use perennials - helianthus lemon queen gets to about 8 foot every year - or some of the grasses - miscanthus or stipa (not an expert on grasses, but others on here are)
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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 85,976

    I'd erect a 'fence' your side of trellis panels like these then you could plant climbers to clamber up it, but you'd have the privacy right from the start. image 

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  • Abby2Abby2 Posts: 101

    Not sure how long/wide you need but you can buy a large planter with a trellis screen attached to the back which might work? It wouldn't then be attached to the fence but you could grow climber or sweet peas up the trellis pretty quickly and probably have some privacy this summer?

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