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lemon trees

How and when do I prune my lemon tree can anyone advise please,it is getting to big to go in the greenhouse overwinter.At the moment it has 6 follygrown lemons and numerouse small ones 


  • I pruned mine last winter lemons and all because it was getting a funny shape and I wanted it to look like a tree. This year it has done very well, looks lovely and now I´m ready to put it back in the greenhouse. 

  • In Feb I reshape my plants by the removing overcrowded branches. They can be pruned back by up to two-thirds at this time. Make sure that they have plenty of light over winter. You have done very well to get so many lemonsimage

  • I have a lemon  and orange tree ,of which I have nearly killed several times.I have learnt,they don't like central heating and like living in the conservatory and to go out in summer.They  don't care to be harshly pruned,they like to be misted and fed a special feed one for summer and one for winter(although I suspect you could do your own).they liked to be watered when dried out and not so much in winter.good that your doing so well ,mine look hopeful this time and just might fruit next year!

  • hi  i have 4 good sized fruits on my miniature lemon tree still on from summer i would like to know do i take them off so new lemons can grow  they r still firm thank u same with my small orange tree  also can u eat the fruits hope u can help thanks

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