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my bonsai leaves are falling!!


the last 2-3 of months my bonsai leaves have started falling

. At the moment it is left only with almost none leaves. Even the ones that are still on the tree have wilt and are ready to fall. New leaves that are occasionally growing on the tree they immediately wilt. I used to have the tree next to a window I always keep open even during the winter but since the leaves started falling I moved it in a warmer corner in the house. I live in Wimbledon, London, SW19. In addition, I stopped watering the tree very often as I think this might be another reason it started dying (my partner was overwatering it). However, nothing seemed to have changed. I don't know what else to do to help it re-grow, so I was wondering whether I need to do something that I haven't thought of, such as pruning the roots, repoting it, adding some fertiliser etc?

I have attached pictures of the bonsai to have a look at it as I don't know what type of bonsai it is.However, I have always been keeping it indoors and it has been fine until almost 3 months ago.

Could you please offer me any suggestions?

Thank you very much,






  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,858

    Bonsai trees need a similar environment to the one they would have if they were not in a pot - so if this is the sort of tree that would normally live outside then that's what it needs and is why it is unhappy indoors in the warm. 

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