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elaeagnusx ebbingei

I had a very straggly sorry looking elaeagnus x ebbingei in a container, that ive had for years... since i discovered my green fingers, i became aware of just how miserable it was, and felt quite guilty.

I dont have the option of potting in the garden, so its limited to a container. but a few weeks ago, i spent a few hours seriously wrestling it out of the old pot - it was VERY pot bound.. (i felt like id killed something with my bare & bloodied hands when i was done!)

I replanted it into a huge new pot, with a good dose of FBB,.and my manure / compost mix, along with some MPC, and it already looks better, but just a few questions...

It has started to produce little dry looking light brown buds / fruits... is it going to flower this year for the first time ever?

Its very top heavy.. the bottom is virtually bare for about 1.5ft, and all the foilage / new growth is up top... is there anything i can do to even it out a little, or is this is natural shape? (i can only find close up photos online)

would it be ok to underplant it with something? the new pot is HUGE and looks a bit bare on the surface... i dont want to take any space that the elaeagnus needs tho, i know hes already very restricted...

Thanks all!



  • Ok...

    I think these are fruits then. Only about 1cm long but rugby ball shaped... Feel likd of dry and empty at this stage tho?
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