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Brush Removal

Hello all, 

Im in the process of building a house on a 1.5 acre lot. They are only clearing a small portion of it. The remainder of the land is covered in think brush. I was considering buying a John Deere 1025 with back hoe and front loader subcompact tractor but would rather not spend the money. As a test I just bought the Stihl Kombi system with the Hedge Trimmer and Pruning Saw. While that will work for cutting the brush down to the ground, I need a way of ripping the trunks / roots out of the ground. There is nothing on the land with a trunk thicker than 2 inches. What would you recommend I use to till the land so that these weeds / bushes never grow back. Once cleared I will be replanting trees and covering the ground with wood chip. 






  • Just check whether there is anything worth keeping. There may be some decent small trees in there.

  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    If there are no trunks thicker than 2" maybe you could just cut them down to the ground and leave them to rot, which they'll do in a few years.  You could plant your new trees in the gaps between.

    Two problems I can see:

    1) Some trees my come back as coppices - but if they're cut off young they'll give up before too long

    2) Honey fungus (Armillaria) may infect dead stumps - and this could spread to new, living trees and kill them, which would spoil your whole day.

    There's bound to be someone out there who can enlarge/contradict this.

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