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ok the bbc site has shut down

ok the the bbc site has shut down but gardeners world is running strong (the queustion is do yo prefer this site?)


  • LowennaLowenna Posts: 88

    Not sure yet, still finding my way about image

  • Gold1locksGold1locks Posts: 498

    Marty, check out the BBC arrivals meeting point forum. Lots of posts on tehre and you should get a good initial reaction from well over 100 emigrees. 

  • Paul NPaul N Posts: 303


  • backyardeebackyardee Posts: 132

    Yes it's 24 hrs for starters and the clicky mob that took over most subjects on the board don't appear to have moved here.

  • Only logged onto GW. com ( mag ) recently, so didnt know about the BBC site prior to this , but all seems well on this website as yet  so full marks x

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