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Overgrown Ivy on House

The green ivy in the side of my newly bought (last year)  house is getting out of control.

Last year I cut back, almost to the wall, what I could reach, and to my surprise it grew back all variegated, lovely I thought.

Now for the rest?

I want to take it off the wall totally (above where I can reach) and let it re-grow. flat & variegated.

This will involve scaffolding etc...

But I think there might be birds nesting in the higher, sticking out 3', green, ivy.

I want the Ivy gone, I'll do it carefully, by hand (not machine) but ...

What if I find a nest? What do I do?





  • Disturbing nesting birds is a criminal offence. Can you wait until August? There's no guarantee that your ivy will remain variegated and I suggest you will spend a lot of time keeping it under control. Perhaps think about something less demanding,

  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    As Joe has said - it is against the law to disturb / destroy a birds nest that is active (i.e. being built or in use) with a potential fine of £5,000 or six months in prison.

    Unfortunately the only thing for you to do now is to wait until the nesting season is over and start later in the year.

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