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New Shed Advice

Hi All,

As per my previous post I have now planted my Hornbeam hedge and they are starting to bud nicelyimage.

My attention has now turned to treating myself to a new shed. but I have a few questions.

I previously had a dog run in the corner and the area is paved over but the slabs are not 100% level.  Will this be a major issue?

What's everyone opinions on pent versus apex roofs?

Obviously I need to get in to maintain it, so how far away should I site it from my new hedge.

Many thanks


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  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,450

    scroggin has given most of the answers.  As to how far from the hedge to position the shed - a couple of feet will give the space to get in to maintain it until the hedge grows!  I would be inclined to give the wall of the shed facing the hedge several coats of preservative immediately.  The hedge itself will protect the shed from the worst of the weather once it establishes.

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