Replacing old patio with new lawn


I need some advice on how to revamp my garden. The garden is in general patio and borders, the previous home owner was wheel chair bound and I always wanted grass.

This year I have decided to spend the summer removing all of the old patio and beds and replace with a lawn. I will be removing the block paving and exposing the hardcore underneath but need some advice as to how best to go about preparing the ground to accomodate turf or seeding from scratch. Also what is the ideal depth of top soil required? Any advice would be appreciated.



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  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Firstly make sure you get all the patio base up. The lime in the concrete will do a lawn no favours. The ground will likely be compacted so it should be dug or rotorvated, a spade depth will do. I'd let the rain get to it for a week or so before preparing to either turf or seed. It may take some time to settle so be patient. Digging up patio's in favour of grass can be a bit fraught, and it will take regular watering. Don't feed it till the grass has really established, and depending on how the new lawn takes this could be several months, maybe more. If you have having problems come back to us, plenty of help here.

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